Not Having Much Luck on Your Deer Lease in the Bossier City, LA area?

Try setting up an outdoor or game animal feeder

If you want to attract game to your property, consider getting a game animal feeder. J&R Outdoor Specialties has weather- and varmint-resistant outdoor feeders at our Bossier City, LA store. You'll appreciate that our feeders are built to withstand the elements and dispense feed mixes that are high in protein to improve the health of local game animals.

Find out if we have the outdoor feeder you're looking for in stock by calling us at 318-741-7670 now.

Improve your odds of a successful hunt with a game feeder

When you purchase an outdoor feeder from our store, you can: an automatic feeder puts you in control of when wild life feed.
All Texas Hunter Trophy deer feeders are engineered for durability and provide many years of dependable service.

  • Choose an appropriate location to place your feeder
  • Assemble your feeder and secure it in place
  • Set the timer to dispense feed regularly
  • Check and refill your feeder and plan your hunting strategy
Set up a game animal feeder at your deer lease. Contact us today to check out our equipment options. The three major ingredients in growing Trophy Deer are Genetics, Time, and Nutrition.

Texas Hunter 300 lb. Capacity Trophy Deer Feeders

Texas Hunter 650 lb. Trophy Deer Feeder with 8' Legs

Texas Hunter 300 lb. Hide-A-Way Stand and Fill Deer Feeder

Texas Hunter 50 lb. Road Feeder with Wireless Remote Control

Texas Hunter 100 lb. Road Feeder with Wireless Remote Control